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Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. That’s why Search makes it easy to discover a broad range of information from a wide variety of sources.

Everyone should be able to access and enjoy the web. We’re committed to making that a reality.

our commitment to create technology that has a positive impact. A clear example of how we’re thinking through our approach can be seen via two apps:

Live Transcribe

Available on 1.8 billion Android devices, Live Transcribe helps bridge the connection between the deaf and the hearing via real-time, real-world transcriptions for everyday conversations. With this update, we’re building on our machine learning and speech recognition technology to add new capabilities. Live Transcribe will now show you sound events in addition to transcribing speech.


Lookout aims to help the more than 250 million blind or visually impaired people in the world deal with the ever-changing environment we live in. The app gives auditory cues as people encounter objects, text and others around them. These spoken notifications are designed to be used with minimal interaction and provide useful information in any given environment, like if you’re standing near an elevator or what a nearby sign says.

“When we say we want to build for everyone – we mean it. Accessibility is written into our mission statement and core to our values as a company. We don’t think a problem is solved until we’ve solved it for everyone. Technology’s great promise is to give everyone the same power to achieve their goals. As long as there are barriers for some, there’s still work to be done.”
— Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google


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