Did you ever wonder “if sex is so easy, why are so many books about it”? Or “why does everyone else know exactly what to do about sex and I’m the only one with questions”? Well, you’re not.

This is especially true when you are dealing with a disability.
How do I express my needs? How can I share my desires with my partner?
So many people find it difficult to talk about sex with their partner/loved one.

This webinar answers some of those questions and more in an interesting, informative and entertaining conversation/webinar for couples addressing sexuality, sensuality and intimacy AND communication.

Through nationally acclaimed workshops and hundreds of hours spent working with individuals and couples, Ms. Kant addresses the unspoken fears and concerns many people are hesitant to voice.

Intimacy starts with awareness and is built through communication and connection.

SPEAKER: Eva Margot Kant, LCSW, Sex/Psychotherapist, Speaker and Educator

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