Accessible Taxicabs & the ADA

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Accessible Taxicabs & the ADA

Speaker: James Weisman, Sr. VP and General Counsel; United Spinal Association

This webinar will discuss the state of accessible taxis nationwide. You will learn how accessible taxis are not only good for New York City, but cities across the country. New York City has continued to ignore the needs and rights of wheelchair users by not mandating that wheelchair accessibility be a design standard for its Taxi of Tomorrow. In doing so, the City has violated various civil rights laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Department of Justice has even agreed with this position. If all new taxis were accessible in the Big Apple, wheelchair users would not only have a reliable way to get around town, but New York City Transit would substantially reduce its Access A Ride budget and the resale market for used accessible taxis would be enormous. The demand for accessible taxis will only continue to rise as baby boomers age, desire to remain active, and live longer than any generation that preceded them. While much has been accomplished in the 22 years since the passage of the ADA, a great deal of work still lies ahead to ensure access to transportation for all.

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