If you or a loved one experience urinary incontinence (UI), or involuntary urine leakage, due to spinal cord injury (SCI), new options may be available.

Clinical trials help to find new treatments for conditions like UI due to SCI. An exciting new trial is now enrolling.

Learn more about this trial to see if you or your loved one may be able to take part.

This trial is testing whether Dysport, which is already approved for other conditions, can help to reduce UI in people living with SCI for whom oral medications have not worked well.

You or your loved one may be able to take part if you or she/he:

  • Are between 18 and 80 years of age;
  • Have SCI;
  • Have UI due to SCI;
  • Have not responded well to oral medications; and
  • Are routinely performing clean intermittent catheterization.