Resources for People Living with Spasticity

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Resources for People Living with Spasticity

A growing collection of resources is available for people living with spasticity, and their caregivers, through Spinal Cord Central. We’ve recently added links to an interactive web resource, and two new brochures. is a comprehensive website that is useful and informative to multiple audiences. The information access process is customized based upon whether the user is a patient, the loved one of a patient, or simply a seeker of information.

The website also allows users to search for information about spasticity based upon a selection of 1 of 5 leading conditions that may cause spasticity. Once the user identifies themself as either a patient, the loved one of a patient, or simply a seeker of information, a series of questions are presented allowing them to obtain information specific to their areas of interest.

Clicking on a question box brings up not only specific answers, but suggestions for additional relevant information such as ‘Learn more about the causes of spasticity’ or ‘Discover how spasticity is diagnosed’. Users can also access a Discussion Guide to help them have an informed conversation with a physician.

Multiple sclerosis-related spasticity: Answers for you and your loved ones was developed specifically for people living with multiple sclerosis —and their loved ones—who want to learn more about spasticity. Questions and issues covered in the brochure include:

• What is spasticity?
• How do I know I have spasticity?
• Will I develop spasticity?
• Spasticity can cause different types of problems
• Why is detection of spasticity important?
• What should I do if I think I may have spasticity?
• How can I prepare for a discussion about spasticity treatment with my specialist?

Post-stroke spasticity: Answers for you and your loved ones addresses the same issues from the perspective of those living with post-stroke spasticity.

To access these and other useful information about spasticity, visit Spinal Cord Central.

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