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April 2014

April 2014 New MobilityTAMING OUR FEAR OF FLYING The list of things that can go wrong when a wheelchair user travels by air is as lengthy as a Roman scroll. The good news is we are finally getting organized and demanding the attention of the airline industry.

NM: 25 YEARS, STILL KICKING The seminal years — 1989-1992: the right people, the right time, the right combination of anger and determination.

FULL FORCE, NONSTOP Restaurateur Ashley Lauren Fisher — face of a model, brain of a businesswoman, heart of gold.

WHAT’S UP WITH NSCIA A new NM section features chapter news, members, events, resources and more from the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.

BLACKOUT! A polio survivor faces the truth about her body on the day the Big Apple goes black.

COLOSTOMY PROS AND CONS The word inspires fear, but the practical benefits may be worth it.

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March 2014

March 2014 New Mobility CoverTHE HIGH COSTS OF WALKING Everyone in the SCI community knows that complete paras do not just get up and walk unsupported — ever. But once in a great while the perfect circumstances converge — like stars aligning — and someone busts out of the box. Jessica Harthcock did just that, but only after several years of total commitment, hard work, tremendous support, and a lot of good fortune.

THE MYTH OF WORK What can we expect from a culture that calculates a person’s worth in dollars?

CRUISING ALASKA A place as rugged as Alaska can’t be described as wheelchair friendly. But with smart planning, it can be unforgettable.

ARE WE PREPARED? Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy took their toll, but where do people with disabilities stand with emergency planning now?

IN RARE COMPANY Jason Becker was at the threshold of rock-and-roll fame. Then came ALS. Twenty-five years later he is still making music.

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nov-dec-2013-lia-coverNovember / December 2013

You can’t read the news these days without reading about the Affordable Care Act and what the future holds for health care in America. Our Nov/Dec issue tackles the ACA from an SCI perspective to help ensure you can get the most out of it. Keeping with the healthcare theme, we’ve also got an in depth guide on what your options are when rehab runs out and a look at an elective surgical option that could benefit many quads. On top of that, Ask Anything explains syringomyelia and what to do about it, Travel recounts a wheelchair-using couple’s cruise experience and MS Life asks, to breed or not to breed?



sep-oct-2013-lia-coverSeptember / October 2013

Good friends are one of the keys to happiness, and if anything, having a spinal cord injury or disorder only magnifies their importance. In our Sep/Oct issue we’re exploring SCI/D and friendship from many different angles. We’ve got advice for people without disabilities on how to approach wheelchair users. We’ve got a feature on how people with SCI/D get back to making friends, and we’ve got a profile of a very unique friendship between a quad and a monkey. Don’t forget our usual columns—eye-control technology, accessible Sweden, advocacy updates and SSI and SSDI tips.



july-aug-2013-lia-coverJuly / August 2013

Our July/August issue is all about Disability Rights. We’ve got member perspectives on this summer’s 2nd Annual Roll on Capitol Hill, a look back at the ADA and updates on all the fronts on which United Spinal is fighting to ensure people with disabilities can live their lives to the fullest. Of course this issue also has all of your favorite columns, including a guide to sit skiing, a recollection on accessible dog sledding and new Dating/Relating, TechGuide and MS Life columns.



may-june-2013-lia-coverMay / June 2013

Whether it’s a loaded power chair or the simplest adaptive aid, technology is all around us helping to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injuries every day. In our May/June “Technology” issue we look at how NSCIA and United Spinal are staying on top of the latest trends to help members and chapters. We also talk with members about their experiences with baclofen pumps to try and help you determine if one might be right for you. Once you’re tech’ed out, we’ve got the travel scoop on Montana’s Big Sky country, cool new duds for people with MS and details on special needs trusts and how they can help families protect their financial futures.



mar-apr-2013-lia-coverMarch / April 2013

For many people with spinal cord injuries or disorders, learning from a mentor who has faced similar obstacles can be the crucial “wheel up” that leads to success. In our March/April issue we look at “Mentoring” in three leading disability-friendly universities and the Ms. Wheelchair America competition, while also detailing one member’s road to becoming a mentor and advocate. After reading up on mentors, why not pull up a chair and enjoy a Guinness as we explore accessible Ireland? MS Life returns with a beautiful essay on the importance of art as therapy, and our TechGuide reveals the secrets of the Wheelchair Junkie.



jan-feb-2013-lia-coverJanuary / February 2013

When it comes to accessible transportation, wheelchair users have more options than ever before, and we’ve got them covered in our Jan/Feb “Transportation” issue. Members share their thoughts on the traditional modified van, converted trucks, the new MV-1 and future options, like the Kenguru. We’ve also got a Q&A with a New York member who is using his filmmaking skills to fight for a more accessible New York. We’ll also take you houseboating on Lake Powell, tour the Universal Design Living Laboratory and do much more in our regular columns.



November / December 2012

We’re living on the edge with our November/December issue that is focused on “Taking Risks.” Whether you’re looking to take risks physically, emotionally or not at all, we’ve got insight from other members and experts that will speak to you. Features on a paralyzed BASE jumper and online dating lead the way, while our solutions department tackles the latest in SCI research; FES exercise options; a rainy, hip travel destination; and all the latest NSCIA and United Spinal news.




September / October 2012

The world will be your oyster after you soak up all the resources in our Sept/Oct “Travel” issue. Whether you are planning to travel by air, by water or by land, we’ve got stories and ideas that will make your trip go smoother and alleviate the hassles so often associated with accessible travel. We’ve got the scoop on the ins and outs of travel insurance, the frugal traveler’s guide to cruises, affordable looks at Philadelphia and Lake Tahoe and much more. Also, members chime in on how to pick an accessible college, auditory hallucinations and MS and reviews of home exercise equipment.



July / August 2012

Our July/August issue is chock full of stories that provide multiple perspectives on the importance of “Advocacy.” From a recap of United Spinal’s first-ever Roll on Capitol Hill to a feature on the struggle for equal rights at the gas pump to a profile of one of the most influential behind-the-scenes advocates in the disability rights movement —this issue is guaranteed to make you want to get involved and stand up for your rights. Of course it also has all of your favorite columns. In this issue’s TechGuide we break down scooter options, Axel and Zoë talk about getting physical and Access helps you dive through accessible pool options. All that plus MS Life, the latest research news and much more.



May / June 2012

Of all the support groups and resources available for people with spinal cord injury (SCI), there isn’t one that has the overall impact that an individual’s family can have. Our May/June issue looks at “Family & SCI” from a variety of different angles. We’ve got the lowdown on adopting with SCI, one member’s take on how the transition from living at home to living independently with SCI affects families and an in-depth look at how one NSCIA chapter became like family for a family in need. On top of that our columnists tackle prevalent SCI dating myths, show you how to make the most of your backyard, help you pick the right shower chair and look into the future of brain interface technology as an option for quads.



March / April 2012

Finding the right balance between enjoying food and staying healthy can be tricky with a spinal cord injury. Our March/April “Food and Disability” issue is chock full of cooking and nutrition tips, as well as personal stories on diet and exercise to help you figure out how to best integrate food into your life with SCI. We’ve also got a recipe for turning your dream kitchen into a reality and a feature on three chefs who’ve dealt with SCI. Plus: accessible Italy, beach chairs, shopping for skirts and shorts, planning an accessible date, Wise Young’s latest SCI research insights, MS Life and much more.



Life in Action January/February digital version. On the left is a young paraplegic in a manual wheelchair. To his right is the same person twenty years later.January / February 2012

No one said getting old was going to be easy, and adding in a spinal cord injury can complicate things even more. In the January/February issue, we talk with members from across the age spectrum about their experiences with aging in their chairs. Our new advocacy column looks forward to the first Roll on Capitol Hill, and we get the low-down on the accessible highlights of Southern California, four types of handcycles, how to meet people, and the best way to go about buying a ceiling lift. Also: MS and life insurance, plus FES for grip, standing and bladder control.



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