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Accessible Taxicabs & the ADA

2017-01-04T11:48:59+00:00 Webinars|

Speaker: James Weisman, Sr. VP and General Counsel; United Spinal Association This webinar will discuss the state of accessible taxis nationwide. You will learn how accessible taxis are not only good for New York City, [...]

Breast Health & Accessibility

2017-01-04T11:49:00+00:00 Webinars|

Understanding the importance of proper breast health care is crucial to the well-being of women, especially women living with disabilities, where accessible medical equipment and services are often few and far between. This webinar session [...]

Body Image & Self-Esteem

2017-01-04T11:49:01+00:00 Webinars|

Believing you are a woman of value is a powerful tool in dealing with the many barriers and stresses that accompany living with disability. Researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine Center for Research on [...]