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Types of Intermittent Catheters and Access to Urological Supplies

2017-01-04T11:48:49+00:00 Webinars|

This webinar discusses the different types of intermittent catheters available on the market today including no touch catheters and hydrophilic catheters, as well as access to intermittent catheters. Participants will learn that not all catheters [...]

How to Advocate on Getting the Right Mobility Equipment and Supplies

2017-01-04T11:48:49+00:00 Webinars|

Audience: Wheelchair users Description: This webinar will describe what rules under Medicare may stop you from getting manual and power wheelchairs, prescription drugs and other medical supplies that you rely on. It will highlight what [...]

All You Need to Know About Biologics & Biosimilars

2017-01-04T11:48:49+00:00 Webinars|

This webinar will review the difference between biologics––any medicinal product manufactured in or extracted from biological sources; and biosimilars–– drugs that are a close, but not identical, copy of an FDA-licensed biologic that are considered [...]

Getting a Handle on Technology for Restoration of Hand and Arm Function

2017-01-04T11:48:49+00:00 Webinars|

All too familiar are the bag of adaptations that people with quadriplegia use to compensate for lost or compromised hand and arm function. Learn about the latest in assistive neurotechnologies and rehabilitation strategies to live [...]