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Your Pathway to Employment–Benefits and Incentives for Working with Spinal Cord Injury

2017-01-04T11:48:46+00:00 Webinars|

This webinar will explore various work incentive programs available to help you return to work. This is the second in a series of webinars about returning to work or entering the workforce for the first [...]

How to Get the Right Wheelchair that Works for You

2017-01-04T11:48:46+00:00 Webinars|

This webinar will provide an update on the status of important wheelchair legislation and policies. Participants will learn about seating and positioning clinic criteria for evaluating individuals with SCI and other conditions. View Webinar PDF      Webinar [...]

Understanding the Health Coverage Needs of People with Disabilities

2017-01-04T11:48:49+00:00 Webinars|

This webinar will include the newest "Health Insurance Jeopardy" round which focuses on the population specific fact sheets the NDNRC released last year and will cover questions you need to be thinking about when assisting [...]