Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and Irregularity

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Since I also live with multiple sclerosis (MS), sometimes my inspiration for writing articles come from real life struggles. This was true recently when I went to my doctor, secretly afraid that the stabbing, throbbing chest pains I had been experiencing for weeks might be heart … [Read more...]

Neurology Org Questions Value of Two MS Meds

The American Academy of Neurology released its list of five questionable practices that it feels have little or no benefit for people with brain diseases, and coming in at number four is the use of interferons or glatiramer acetate in people with disability from progressing, … [Read more...]

Telemonitored Clinical Trial

The days of clinical trial subjects having to schlepp to a doctor’s office at various times in the study may be coming to a close, as the FDA recently approved a proposal for a trial to be telemonitored. Transparency Life Sciences is studying whether lisonopril, a high blood … [Read more...]

The Wahls Paleo Diet for People with MS

The latest diet to hit the scene for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), the Wahls Paleo Diet, has an awful lot in common with many of the others, including the Swank and the Best Bet Diet. It also calls for very lean meat, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and frowns on … [Read more...]

The Spoon Theory

The Spoon Theory, a way to explain what it feels like to live with chronic illness, is wildly popular with many who have MS. It is the brainchild of Christine Miserandino, who has lupus. While lunching at a restaurant, a friend asked her what that feels like, and at a loss for … [Read more...]

Mobility Survey for People with SCI/D

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Letter of Invitation Study Title: The impact of mobility assistive technology devices on  participation for individuals with disabilities   Dear Assistive Technology User, As students in the Occupational Therapy department at Belmont University, we (Jordan Carver, … [Read more...]

Survey to Improve Your Access to Wheelchairs and Medical Equipment

Please take part in a short survey about your access to wheelchairs and medical equipment. Your feedback will help us advocate in Washington, DC to change policies that affect your mobility and independence, such as Medicare’s bidding program. This program not only restricts … [Read more...]

Finding a Good Neurologist or Neurology Clinic

Finding a good neurology practice can make all the difference when it comes to accessing everything from the most up-to-date advice on which meds (if any) to take, to getting help transitioning from cane to walker to wheelchair. Spinal Cord Central suggests the following two … [Read more...]

Alemtuzumab Controversy

The emerging alemtuzumab controversy that’s bubbling up in the United Kingdom is a story that’s become all too common in the MS drug marketing world. A medicine is hailed as “most effective,” is approved for use by people with MS, and then is rendered unaffordable. First comes … [Read more...]

Nanoparticle Breakthrough

Nanoparticles delivering an antigen that tricks the immune system into attacking the antigen rather than itself may sound like a futuristic plot device for a science fiction movie, but it’s real and happening now. A Northwestern University study published on Nov. 18 in Nature … [Read more...]