Help Improve Future SCI Clinical Trials

Researchers at the University of Miami are conducting a new survey for people living with spinal cord injuries (SCI) over the age of 18 to provide direct input on factors that encourage or discourage participation in clinical trials. TAKE THE SURVEY Very rarely are people … [Read more...]

Telemonitored Clinical Trial

The days of clinical trial subjects having to schlepp to a doctor’s office at various times in the study may be coming to a close, as the FDA recently approved a proposal for a trial to be telemonitored. Transparency Life Sciences is studying whether lisonopril, a high blood … [Read more...]

Tcelna Heads to Phase IIb

Tcelna, a potential T-cell therapy for secondary-progressive MS as well as relapsing-remitting MS, is gearing up for its Phase IIb clinical trials. According to Opexa Therapeutics, Tcelna is the first-ever personalized T-cell therapy for MS, which means that the treatment will be … [Read more...]

MIS416 Gets Closer to Trials

On Sept. 3, 2012 Innate Immunotherapeutics announced that it has begun raising $10 million in order to test MIS416, a potential therapy for primary and secondary progressive MS, in Phase IIb clinical trials. MIS416 is thought to work by re-regulating a person’s immune system, … [Read more...]

Video Gaming and Restoring Physical Activity

If you’ve ever wished your doctor would prescribe you a bunch of video games instead of an exercise program, the Veterans Administration’s Spinal Cord Injury Center in Palo Alto, Calif., may be coming to your entertainment and recovery rescue. Their researchers are working with a … [Read more...]