Wisconsin Member Jenny Addis: Raising Awareness and Funds through Fashion

Jenny Addis

Wisconsin member Jenny Addis is dedicated to changing perceptions of wheelchair users, in the public and within the wheelchair using community. That dedication led her to take part in an accessible fashion show, and her participation only opened her eyes to the event’s potential. … [Read more...]

Access App Only the Beginning


Massachusetts member Kevin McGuire has had his hand on the pulse of the disability community since he was paralyzed in a 1968 accident. He worked on accessibility issues for two prominent senators, he founded his own consulting firm dealing with accessibility compliance and he … [Read more...]

Florida Member JR Harding: Gas For All

A year of advocacy and working with his county commissioners and the local SCI community paid off for Florida member JR Harding, with the nation’s first ordinance requiring gas stations to install accessible call buttons.

For the last five years, an ordinance aimed at improving access at gas stations for drivers with disabilities has been making its way around Florida counties. To help drivers who have difficulty reaching the pump or pumping their own gas, the ordinance proposes requiring all … [Read more...]

Chicago Member Reveca Torres: Reimagining Life in a Chair

Reveca Torres talks with Joe McTigue, one of the participants of Reinventing the Wheel. Photo by Amie Zimmerman

Inspiration struck Chicago member Reveca Torres when she was attending a fashion show. The show was hosted by Imerman Angels, an organization dedicated to providing one-on-one peer support for cancer survivors and fighters. Torres, who has used a wheelchair since being paralyzed … [Read more...]

Need for Speed


All New Jersey member Marcus Culvert wants is a chance — a chance to show the world just how fast a paralyzed person can go. Culvert, 51, has been racing cars since he was 16, and now, after over 20 years of doing so with his spinal cord injury (11 as a professional), he is … [Read more...]

New York Member Simi Linton: Invitation to Learn


New York member Simi Linton has been at the forefront of the disability rights movement for more than 40 years, and now she is taking her message of empowering people with disabilities to the big screen. Linton and director Christian von Tippelskirch have spent the last five … [Read more...]

Advocacy in Action: Kesha Pilot of Hot Springs, Arkansas

After a spinal cord injury, one of the most difficult adjustments can be striking the right balance between accepting your new reality and hoping for a cure. In the 11 months since a car accident left her paralyzed from the chest down, Hot Springs resident Kesha Pilot has found … [Read more...]

Advocacy in Action: Mike Mohr of Madison, Wisconsin


Wisconsin NSCIA member Mike Mohr is a shining example of what each of us can accomplish when we refuse to let our disabilities define who we are. Mohr, 31, who helped spearhead the creation of Madison-SCI, NSCIA’s chapter in Madison, Wisconsin, was spinal cord injured in a … [Read more...]

Member Helps Protect Access to Proper Wheelchairs in WA

Bob Plummer, an NSCIA member from Washington State, is the perfect example of just how easy and rewarding it is to become an advocate. Plummer, a C7 incomplete quad, had been a steadfast supporter of exercise and rehab for the 20-plus years he had been in a wheelchair, but until … [Read more...]

Advocacy in Action: Hector Del Valle of Central Florida

The happy couple, Hector and Jo Del Valle.

Hector Del Valle, president of NSCIA’s Central Florida Chapter and participant in our upcoming Roll on Capitol Hill, demonstrates that we all have the ability to overcome adversity and create positive changes in our lives and communities. It’s been over 30 years since Del … [Read more...]