Madison: Snow Not an Obstacle

The Madison chapter believes in the transformative powers of adaptive kayaking.

Running a NSCIA chapter and organizing meetings is no easy task under normal circumstances. The task becomes all the more difficult when over 50 inches of snow does its best to keep your wheelchair-using members stuck in their cozy houses and off the icy streets. That’s one of … [Read more...]

Chapter Check-In: Minnesota

MNSCIA members display the city of Edina’s proclamation.

The Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Association (MNSCIA) has recently done a few very successful things to increase awareness of resources, education and advocacy to improve the lives of Minnesotans with spinal cord injuries. With September being Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month … [Read more...]

Pittsburgh Group Forges Steel Connection to NSCIA


Since its inception four years ago, the SCI Peer Support Group at the University of Pittsburgh Model Center on Spinal Cord Injury has done nothing but grow. What started small with one monthly meeting consisting of a few inpatients, has grown into a thriving group with over … [Read more...]

Conversations Fuel Colorado Chapter

For the last three years, husband and wife Colby and Meara Kortum have been connecting people with spinal cord injuries in Colorado through their That’s How I Roll foundation. The two met when Colby was rehabbing an L1-2 SCI sustained in a car accident at the same time Meara was … [Read more...]

New Chapters in Madison and Scranton

The origins of two of the newest NSCIA chapters show that the roots of a new chapter often stem from the feeling that something is missing. For Joe Salva, that feeling materialized when he returned to Scranton, Pa., after being exposed to the extensive SCI program at Mt. Sinai … [Read more...]

My First ‘Roll on Capitol Hill’ Experience


My family and I were honored to be invited to attend United Spinal's 2013 Roll on Capitol Hill and speak to legislators on the issues affecting people living with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. On Sunday, June 14th we arrived in Washington, D.C. and registered  … [Read more...]

Covering the Map with Member Chapters

It has been just over two years since NSCIA became the membership division of United Spinal Association and chapter growth is at an all-time high. Check out the map. Four new chapters have recently signed on to expand the organization’s coverage. New chapters in Tennessee, … [Read more...]

Florida: A Family Affair

Despite being home to key United Spinal and NSCIA events and having a large population of people with SCI/D, Florida until recently did not have an NSCIA chapter. Hector Del Valle, a longtime quad, and his wife, Jo Bennett-Del Valle, realized this at last year’s Independence Expo … [Read more...]

Connecting Rhode Island

Dr. Gary Witman gets excited when he starts talking about the multitude of spinal cord injury-related ongoings in Rhode Island. There’s groundbreaking research, fun social opportunities and unique events that Rhode Island residents, with and without SCI, should be proud of. As … [Read more...]

Sandy’s Silver Lining

The day Superstorm Sandy made landfall in October, Teresa Tisdell, the director of the Oklahoma chapter of NSCIA, had been scheduled for her weekly standing call with Nick LiBassi, United Spinal’s director of special projects. When the storm knocked out power to United Spinal’s … [Read more...]