Any Old Wheelchair Doesn’t Work for Me

Hello fellow rollers and advocates! My name is Jennifer Wolff. I'm an occupational therapist and survivor of an ependymoma (tumor inside the spinal cord from T7-L2). My injury is around T10. After the first surgery in 2003, I had an incomplete injury and with lots of physical … [Read more...]

Separate Benefit Category for Complex Rehab Urgently Needed

We are still working on this one.

As part of our upcoming Roll on Capitol Hill event in Washington, DC on June 25-26, United Spinal Association and NSCIA are urging policymakers to support a separate benefit category for complex rehab technology proposed in the Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation … [Read more...]

A 40-Year Love Affair with Assistive Technology

Here I am 30 years ago adjusting a Reciprocating Gait Orthosis--full length, cable driven braces that encompassed the torso and both legs. The device, which was developed by Louisiana State University and Veterans Administration Prosthetic Center, was successful in getting a number of quads ambulating--a miraculous feat back then.

It’s amazing how time flies! Forty years since a young streetwise punk strolled into an assistive technology center and had his first encounter with people with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Hell, I had seen and met SCI before then but didn’t know it. On the streets of NYC back … [Read more...]

Mobility Map: On-line Tool for Wheelchair Consumers


United Spinal Association’s UsersFirst program recently launched Mobility Map, the only web-based tool of its kind to help consumers navigate the often confusing and complicated process of purchasing the proper wheelchair and mobility equipment. The Mobility Map provides … [Read more...]

New Video Highlights Benefits of Complex Rehab Technology

The real world benefits of matching people with mobility equipment that meets their unique needs. So what exactly is complex rehab technology? Basically, it includes mobility devices such as manual and power wheelchairs that are professionally tailored to fit a person’s … [Read more...]

United Spinal Opposes CMS Demonstration Project for Pre-Approval of Power Mobility Devices

A post from NSCIA/United Spinal staff.

On November 15th, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a widespread, three-year demonstration project that would, effective January 2012, require “prior authorization” for approval of power mobility devices for Medicare beneficiaries in seven states –– … [Read more...]