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Threads: Swimsuit Secrets

2017-01-04T11:49:01+00:00 All Articles, Life in Action, Threads|

When the weather heats up and you hop in your beach chair for the sand and surf, it’s only fitting that you throw on a swimsuit, right? With scars, muscle atrophy or the infamous quad belly, showing off your bod in a swimsuit takes a whole lot of one thing: confidence. Looking good in a bathing suit — no matter the style or coverage — is really mind over matter; if you feel good, you’ll look good.

Threads: Bags for Your Chair

2017-01-04T11:49:04+00:00 All Articles, Life in Action, Threads|

Let’s face it — our bags don’t carry just a wallet. We tote around our personal and medical lives. Between rubbing on wheels and solid chair frames and getting caught on every other wheelchair part imaginable, our carry-alls take a pretty good beating. Finding one that also fits on your chair without falling off and opens and closes appropriately makes for a long list of demands.