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Rehab is Over…Now What?

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Your time in rehab is over. After spending several weeks in intense rehabilitation therapy following a spinal cord injury, brain injury or another acquired disability, it can feel like ending a love-hate relationship. Even for [...]

Baclofen Pumps

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Has this technology for spasticity come of age? Richard Holicky knew there were serious risks involved with having a baclofen pump surgically implanted, but he had also heard the “miracle” stories from recipients who said [...]

An Inexpensive Weight Loss Program

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Weight gain is a sneaky thing. A study cited in a recent Craig Hospital article showed that people with SCI averaged only a pound gain per year. That might not sound too bad, but when you do the math, the pounds add up. A 2008 National Institute on Disability study did just that and found that at 30 years post-injury, 74 percent of quads and paras were either overweight or obese.