Rehab is Over…Now What?


Your time in rehab is over. After spending several weeks in intense rehabilitation therapy following a spinal cord injury, brain injury or another acquired disability, it can feel like ending a love-hate relationship. Even for those with degenerative diseases like multiple … [Read more...]

Baclofen Pumps


Has this technology for spasticity come of age? Richard Holicky knew there were serious risks involved with having a baclofen pump surgically implanted, but he had also heard the “miracle” stories from recipients who said the pump had all but saved their lives by controlling … [Read more...]

An Inexpensive Weight Loss Program


The exercise regimen Dr. Nash and Mr. Smith recommended involved a series of eight exercises. It utilized hand weights for biceps and deltoid exercises and three eyehooks set in the wall — one 2 inches off the floor to hold the bands for upward diagonal exercises, one at 31 … [Read more...]