Family Matters: Expectations and Real Life


When I met my husband, Stephen, in 1994, he was already 10 years post-injury, so navigating the world in a wheelchair was not something new. The idea of falling in love, getting married and having children wasn’t new either, but it was not a fantasy in which he often indulged … [Read more...]

Family Matters: In Sickness and In Health


I never asked the doctors if I would walk again. I already knew the answer. I knew the moment it happened. I was paralyzed in a car wreck on September 12, 1999. I was 18 years old and I was just starting my life as an adult. I almost lost my chance at the future I always … [Read more...]

Family Matters: Letting Others In


By Dana Brown Ritter My husband Michael and I have been married for two and a half years, and we are in the middle of a big adjustment. Of course there are all of the things two grown people need to get used to after getting married. How you like the bed made, how you like your … [Read more...]

Disability and Adoption: Building a Family


By Kelly Rouba Going through the process of adopting isn’t easy, whether you have a disability or not. On top of cost and time, would-be parents with disabilities can face a number of obstacles, including discrimination and prejudice. But fear not, people with disabilities are … [Read more...]

A Chapter Becomes Family


NSCIA’s Oklahoma City Chapter Helps a Family Adjust to Life After SCI As the director of NeuroResources Outreach, an Oklahoma City-based rehab and outreach center that’s also the local chapter of NSCIA, Teresa Tisdell is used to getting phone calls from case managers and social … [Read more...]

Family Matters: Our Story (And We’re Sticking to It)

Darren and Michelle Jernigan

The truth is, it takes a sense of humor, a clinical view and a practical approach to daily activities because there is nothing “normal” about our daily routine. It is, however, our normal, our routine. By Michelle Morse Jernigan I’ve only dropped Darren three times since we’ve … [Read more...]

Family Matters: A New Blueprint

Jennifer and Chris Bridgman with infant son sitting on Chris's lap.

Neurosurgeons whisked Chris off to the operating room to decompress and fuse his spine. Despite familiar faces around the waiting room, I felt like a ship lost at sea. What I didn’t know was that we had already joined a new community — a diverse group comprising 1,275,000 … [Read more...]