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Crazy Wheelchair Repair Stories – From Your Lips to Medicare Officials

It’s understandable Medicare wants to save money, but on the backs of people who use wheelchairs?

Medicare created a terrible program called “competitive bidding” that expanded to more areas in the country July 1, 2013. It […]

Support Greater Access to Community-Based Services for Wheechair Users

Long-term services and supports are essential for wheelchair users to be productive members of their communities. Without them, many individuals will be unable maintain their independence and could ultimately be forced into institutions.


Urge […]

From Everywhere USA to D.C. – Grassroots Efforts Are Successful

As a grassrooter, some days can bring frustration when reaching out to connect like-minded people with one another. Not just through social media, although an effective tool to communicate to a large audience quickly, but […]

People With Disabilities Massing On Capitol Hill

By Finn Bullers
Freelance Writer/Edtor

Midwest lawmakers urged to speak out, cosponsor bills.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the skies at 22,000 feet, I’m draw to big-picture thoughts of mortality, chance, consequence, accessibility, humanity — and whether Delta Airlines […]

Advocacy in Action: Kesha Pilot of Hot Springs, Arkansas

After a spinal cord injury, one of the most difficult adjustments can be striking the right balance between accepting your new reality and hoping for a cure. In the 11 months since a car accident […]

Advocacy in Action: Mike Mohr of Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin NSCIA member Mike Mohr is a shining example of what each of us can accomplish when we refuse to let our disabilities define who we are.

Mohr, 31, who helped spearhead the creation of Madison-SCI, […]

Member Helps Protect Access to Proper Wheelchairs in WA

Bob Plummer, an NSCIA member from Washington State, is the perfect example of just how easy and rewarding it is to become an advocate. Plummer, a C7 incomplete quad, had been a steadfast supporter of […]

Advocacy in Action: Hector Del Valle of Central Florida

Hector Del Valle, president of NSCIA’s Central Florida Chapter and participant in our upcoming Roll on Capitol Hill, demonstrates that we all have the ability to overcome adversity and create positive changes in our lives […]

UsersFirst Advocates for ‘Good’ Wheelchairs in D.C.

UsersFirst and other disability advocates recently met with over 220 elected officials in Washington, D.C. letting them know that “complex” wheelchairs are necessary medical equipment for us to be able to fully participate in our […]

Advocacy in Action: Kim Harrison of Douglasville, Georgia

Kim Harrison, an NSCIA member from Douglasville, Georgia and past participant in Roll on Capitol Hill, proves that each of us has the ability to be effective self-advocates and make a difference in our communities.

In […]