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We’re Sexy and We Know It!

2017-01-04T11:49:03+00:00 Webinars|

We're Sexy And We Know It! National Spinal Cord Injury Association Webinar From Within Series For Women This is not a pity party ladies!  A frank and open discussion on how to find that perfect someone, [...]

Attacks On Medicaid Services

2017-01-04T11:49:04+00:00 Webinars|

Attacks On Medicaid Services Presenter: Joseph Isaacs, VP Public Policy, United Spinal Association National Spinal Cord Injury Association Webinar Public Policy Serics Proposed cuts to the Medicaid program at the federal level will endanger critical services and supports [...]

Celebrating Active Living

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United Spinal Association’s Independence Expo-Orlando was held at the Buena Vista Hotel across the street from Disneyland Downtown on September 23rd and 24th, but the attraction for the hundreds of attendees and scores of vendors had nothing to do with fantasy.