A Spinal Network Grant Gets Them Dancing In PA

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A Spinal Network Grant Gets Them Dancing In PA

Through the Spinal Network grant, Individual Abilities in Motion in Northeast Pennsylvania introduced wheelchair dancing to its members.

One member shared, “I have been to dances and weddings before as a wheelchair user and never new how to join in. The dance team showed me a whole new area of possibilities when it comes to dancing with a partner. I suspect that it will be much easier for me to be something other than a wallflower at the next wedding I attend.”

Sometimes funds are needed just to help individuals navigate their daily lives and remain a part of their communities. For people living with SCI/D, mobility equipment is essential to providing the freedom and independence needed to reach goals, big and small––whether it’s attending job interviews, visiting friends, going grocery shopping or keeping their doctor appointments.

The Northwest Spinal Cord Injury Network in the Pacific Northwest was able to provide one of its long-time members with a nearly new wheelchair to replace her 16 year-old chair. The group was also able to provide needed parts for several members’ wheelchairs they otherwise would not have been able to afford and rebuilt a wheelchair for a member to participate in its local sports program.

And that’s what makes the Spinal Network so rewarding and such an important part of transitioning people from rehab to rediscover their talents and the joy of life.

“It is my absolute pleasure to work with these incredible support group leaders to help them have greater impact on their support group members and truly impact lives in such a positive way! Their dedication and passion is truly inspiring and it is through the Spinal Network we can all support one another in our efforts.” Elliott adds.

To learn more about the Spinal Network peer mentoring program, visit http://www.spinalcord.org/spinal-network or contact Lindsey Elliott, MSW at lelliott@unitedspinal.org.

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